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Prof. Dr. W. Topp

Curriculum vitae in science

1965 - 1970 Studies at the Universities of Turku (Turun Yliopisto), Mainz and Kiel
1970 - 1980 Assistent at the Zoology Dep., Univ. Kiel
1970 Dr. rer. nat., Zoology Dep., Univ. Kiel (promotor: Wolfgang Tischler)
1977 Dr. rer. nat. habil.; Univ. Kiel
1980 - 1984 Professor for Zoology, Ecology Dep., Univ. Bayreuth
1984 - 2007 Professor for Zoology, especially for Physiological Zoology, at the Zool.Dep.Univ.Köln
2007 Retired

Reseearch Interest

Physiology of  Staphylinoidea (Insecta, Coleoptera). Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems and in Ecosystems with Terrestrial to Aquatic Linkages.

Selected publications

Topp, W. (2013): Fugitive Species of Coleoptera Colonize the Water’s Edge of Alpine Rivers. Entomologie heute 25: 109-126 (pdf)

Topp, W. (2012): Unpredictable Flood Pulses Govern Beetle Assemblages in the Litter Layer of Hardwood Floodplain Forests. Entomologie heute 24: 159-182 (pdf)

Topp, W. (2011): Historische Bergbaufelder: Pingen sind Schlüsselstrukturen und Quellenstandorte für die streulebenden Käfer in Buchenwäldern. Entomologie heute 23: 123-143 (pdf)

Further publications see PD. Dr. H. Kappes