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Department of Ecology

Ecological Colloquia of the Institute for Zoology

SS 2019

  • 10.04.2019 - 16.00 Uhr
    Jessica Titocci, Meike Hahn, Christian Werner: Aquatic Chemical Ecology, Institute for Zoology, University of Cologne
    PhD Report - Ag von Elert
    "Biodiversity loss and trait-related feedback dynamics in natural plankton community" - by Jessica Titocci
    "Diel vertical migration of Daphnia: Identification of the fish kairomone" - by Meike Hahn
    "The role of dietary lipids for competition in a Daphnia magna population" -  by Christian Werner
  • 17.04.2019 - 16.00 Uhr
    Prof. Dr. H. Merzendorfer, Universität Siegen
    "Chitin: a versatile polymer with numerous functions in terrestrial and marine ecosystems"
  • 24.04.2019 - 16.00 Uhr
    Dr. Kai Horst George
    Abt. Meiobenthonische Arthropoda, Zentrum für Marine Biodiversität, Senckenberg am Meer, Wilhelmshaven
    "Fascinating variety at small scales: a brief introduction into the Meiobenthos"

Venue: Room 0.024, Cologne Biocenter